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"… as good as it gets" — Jack Nicholson


"Very Sparkly" — Dustin Hoffman


"… nowhere else to go!" — Richard Gere


"… had me at 'hello'" — Renee Zellweger


"Ask me how I got this smile" — Heath Ledger


"… an offer I can't refuse" — Marlin Brando


"Made my day" — Clint Eastwood


"I'll be back" — Arnold Shwarzenegger


"Damn!" — Will Smith


"Your're gonna love the way you look." — Cy Sperling


"Smokin!" — Jim Carey


"Wouldn't hurt a fly" — Anthony Perkins


"Excellent!" — Mike Meyers


"Excellent!" — Keanu Reeves


"Two thumbs up!" — Roger Ebert


"Who you gonna call?" — Dan Aykroyd